First Two Self-Study Guides are Available


Recently, after completing an online lesson with my cyber student in Germany, I was recording our session in my training log when I got the urge to tally up

  1. the number of online sessions I have done (789)
  2. the number of students I have worked with online (35)
  3. the number of students who have earned their glider ratings after working with me in simulation (11).

The thought of doing another 789 online sessions has motivated me to begin production of self-study guides for each of the 33 lessons in my syllabus.


These study guides will enable glider rating candidates to largely teach themselves to fly; at their own pace and on their own schedule.  The guides can also be used, by glider flight instructors or glider flight training mentors, as fully-developed, simulation-based, lesson plans .


The new study guides are available from the Airspeed_Control and Pitch_Trim lesson pages.