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The purpose of this certification road-map is to help you self-manage the process by which you earn a Private Pilot Certificate with a Glider Category rating, including:

  1. Knowing the certification requirements
  2. Acquiring and learning to use the necessary training resources
  3. Having and executing a detailed plan to meet the requirements
  4. Tracking your progress
  5. Properly certifying you have met the requirements

Pilot certification requirements are specified in Title 14 – Part 61 of the

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).  Title 14 pertains to Aeronautics and Space; Part 61 to the certification of pilots, flight instructors and ground instructors.  The title/part abbreviation is  14 CFR Part 61.


The regulations are further broken down in Subparts.  Of particular interest here are:

  • Subpart E – Private Pilots
  • Subpart C – Student Pilots.

Finding the pertinent regulations, and then reading and interpreting them, takes some practice.  This certification road map is designed to make all that easier.


Certification Roadmap content is available via the navigation bar under Training Resources.  You can also use the content links listed below.