The Winter Crop

One of the many advantages of simulation-based glider flight instruction is the ability to instruct and learn at-a-distance.  The instructor and student can be anywhere in the world; the training can be scheduled at any time of the day, any day the week, at any time of the year.


Here in Wisconsin, our real-life glider flight instruction season grinds to a halt sometime in November and starts up again in late April.  Because I really enjoy teaching folks to fly,  each fall I take on a cadre of simulation-based students, most if not all at-a-distance.  In so doing, I keep myself busy, keep my teaching skills sharp, and advance the art of simulation-based glider flight instruction.


In this installment of Condor Corner, my six students from the winter of 2011-12 tell you about their experiences being trained in simulation at-a-distance.


Download: The Winter Crop