Orientation Document


To use Condor effectively, you need to know what it can and cannot do.


To date, prior to conducting their actual flight instruction sessions, I guided my clients through an initial orientation of the Condor software.  Whether in person or online, this process usually consumed several hours, but provided the client with an important functional level of proficiency.  It included installation of their software, configuration of  flight control devices, assignment of Condor functional controls, feature demonstrations, and walk-throughs of the procedures used to download files from this site and place them in the appropriate Condor sub-directories within Windows.  This necessary first step avoided having Condor usage issues interrupting the flight instruction process.


This document does not represent all there is to know about Condor.  Instead it comprises most of what I have learned about the software over 10 years of leveraging its features and capabilities to improve glider flight training.


I likely spent more time writing this document than I did providing the more than 50 individualized client orientations that preceded it, but the availability of the document now enables individuals to conduct their own orientations, at their own pace, and on their own schedule, and will probably save me a fair amount of time from this point forward.


This orientation is a work in progress.  I am already aware of topics I should have covered or need to expand on, so expect updates in the future.  The document’s page header contains a date, comparable to the publication date listed below, to help ensure you have the latest release.


I would appreciate feedback on the usefulness, accuracy, and completeness of this document.


This orientation is based on Condor Version 1.1.5, the current release of the software as of this publication.  As Murphy would have predicted, the long-awaited release of Condor Version 2.X is rumored to be imminent.  I may need to start all over again.  I can only hope not.



Condor_Orientation.pdf –  Updated 7/11/2018