Aeronautical Knowledge


There is quite a bit more to earning a private pilot certificate than simply knowing how to fly an aircraft.  You must acquire the aeronautical knowledge needed to safely and competently act as pilot in command of an aircraft.


The required knowledge is specified in 14 CFR 61.105 – Aeronautical Knowledge. These requirements are both general, with respect to earning a private pilot certificate, and specific to the category of aircraft to be flown; in our case “glider”.  Topics include regulation, aerodynamics, navigation, the national airspace system, radio communication, aero-medical factors, weather, etc..  There is a lot to know.


You can acquire this knowledge by:

  1. working with an authorized ground instructor or certificated glider flight instructor (CFIG), either on an individual basis or in a group setting (ground school)   and/or
  2. completing a home study course.

Study Materials

In my opinion, Russ Holtz’s Glider Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge is by far the best resource available for acquiring the required aeronautical knowledge.


The F.A.A.’s Glider Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-13A) is also commonly recommended.  It is available commercially in print or may be downloaded at no cost from the FAA.


Knowledge Test

14 CFR 61.103 (e) requires you pass a written test on the aeronautical knowledge areas listed in 14 CFR 61.105.  For more information, review the Knowledge Test page on this site.