Oshkosh – KidVenture 2012

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) annual convention (a.k.a. Oshkosh, a.k.a. AirVenture) is one of the world’s largest aviation events.  If you like things that fly, you owe it to yourself to attend.  If you have something aviation-related to promote (for example, the sport of soaring), there are few better places to do it.  More than 500,000 aviation enthusiasts from around the world attend AirVenture each year.


KidVenture is a special venue at Oshkosh where kids of all ages (typically five to fifteen) can experience a wide variety of aviation-related activities and learning experiences.  Since 2010, a number of SSA members have developed and staffed the Soaring Flight booth at KidVenture.


This installment of Condor Corner reports on our efforts at KidVenture 2012.


Download: Oshkosh – KidVenture 2012