Descent Control – Study Guide


I thought this one might be quick and easy.  I was wrong.  I am beginning to appreciate how much work this self-study guide development project is going to be.  I hope to live long enough to see it completed.


Descent_Control is the first lesson to incorporate the functionality of Condor’s Flight School.  Unlike Condor’s Free Flight mode, in which every flight must begin on, or directly above, the approach end of the active runway, Flight School allows a training scenario to begin at any 3-D point in the scenery.


In the lesson’s practice exercise, the glider is initially positioned 2.5 miles from airport, on the extended runway center-line, aligned with the runway heading, and 1800 feet AGL (an 8.5/1 glide ratio).  From that position, the pilot is able to repeatedly practice making controlled descents, at various airspeeds, to any selected point on the runway.


All the Replay files are new.


The new study guide is available from the Descent Control lesson page.


For the money, this really is an amazing piece of software.