Wings Level


Aerotowing is one of the more challenging aspects of glider flying.  It is essentially, rather precise, formation fight.


Aerotowing in Condor is more challenging than in real life.  The Condor tow rope is only 100 feet long (vs. 200-250 feet in real life), and the limited field of view in Condor makes it more difficult to recognize, in a timely manner, any deviation from the proper tow position .


The good news is, if you can learn to control your aerotow in Condor, you should have little or no trouble on tow in real life.  In Condor, you learn to fly on tow to a higher standard of performance.






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Flight Plan Aerotow_Wings_Level.fpl
Replay Aerotow_Wings_Level.rpy

Reading/Work Assignment:

Flight Training Manual for Gliders – Holtz
Lesson 3.1 Introduction to Flying the Aerotow
3.2 Flying the Aerotow with Stick and Rudder
3.3 Release from Tow