Process Diagrams


Subscribing to the theory that a picture is worth a thousand words, I decided to see if I could graphically represent the certification requirements for a private pilot certificate with glider category rating, and then incorporate the requirements into a process diagram to help folks understand how to go about satisfying those requirements.


Roadmap_Detail.jpgCertification Roadmap – Detail

As the name suggests, this diagram attempts to graphically display and organize, at a relatively high level of detail, the certification requirements  specified in 14 CFR Part 61

To view the Detail diagram in a more readable (PDF) format, download Roadmap_Detail.pdf.


The shaded areas on the diagram identify requirements that do not apply when adding a glider category rating to an existing private pilot certificate.





Roadmap_Overview.jpgCertification Roadmap – Overview This diagram graphically represents the certification requirements at a relatively high (summary) level, and organizes them into a process.


In its entirety, the diagram represents the requirements for an initial certificate and rating, with the shaded areas identifying those requirements that would not apply when adding a glider category rating to an existing private pilot certificate.


The Overview diagram also contains a number of non-regulatory (blue) items including:

  1. Introductory Glider Ride - a recommendation to begin the journey toward a glider rating by first taking at least one demonstration flight in a real glider.
  2. Simulation -  my recommendation to maximize the use of simulation-based glider fight instruction in the development of your flying skills.

To view the Overview diagram in a more readable (PDF) format, download Roadmap_Overview.pdf.



Interactive Diagrams

If you are able to open a Microsoft Excel document, Roadmap_Interactive.xlsx contains both the Overview and Detail diagrams as graphics with interactive hyperlinks.


Underlined text in the Overview diagram links directly to the corresponding pages of the Certification Roadmap on this site.


Underlined text in the Detail diagram links directly to the appropriate references in the F.A.A.’s web-based Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (eCFR); the authoritative source on pilot certification requirements.